A Romantic Experience



Live a unique experience in the most romantic hotel in Paris


Create timeless memories, to remind forever your beautiful moments at the Montmartre Mon Amour hotel.


The favorite hotel of lovers


Cupid has taken up residence at the Montmartre Mon Amour Hotel with the sole aim of uniting the soulmates and making them live the most incredible adventures

Here, you are not just going to stay in a hotel room, but you will be able to live a unique experience to celebrate your love story.

From your arrival to your departure, the cherubs and fairies of the Hotel Montmartre Mon Amour will ensure that an incredible memory remains engraved in your memories ...

The love potion


At the Montmartre Mon Amour hotel, all the elements come together to enjoy an unforgettable romantic getaway. Create your love potion by following the recipe and procedure indicated to create a reciprocal and eternal love.

Spice up your night with a Lovebox


Discover our Lovebox offers, the new naughty boxes dedicated to the pleasures of the couple.

The 7 deadly sins : The Game of 7 Deadly Sins, a pair of elegant handcuffs, a raspberry jam with champagne notes, a pair of burlesque nippies, a naughty whip, a vibrating ring design, a kit of intimacy

Paris with love : A naughty Paris game, a carnal massage oil, a kit of intimacy, a feather duster, a "Ring for a Kiss" bell, a black garter, a big satin headband, a short-lived tattoo, two bracelets to afford.

The Wall of Memories


Your adventure in the Hotel Monmartre Mon Amour will end with the passage in front of the Wall of Memories, it makes you write your best time spent during your stay.

Each slate represents the best of a couple, which will be a common thread for future couples to come and inspire themselves.

At Breakfast: The buffet of Love


The breakfast offers some products on the same theme on its buffet of love:

• Waffles in the shape of a heart

• Damman tea bags with candy apple


We do not see a buffet reserved for love every day!